How to Use this Tool

The Employment Pathway for Newcomers is a listing of service providers that deliver employment programs and services for newcomers.  The Employment Pathway is structured so that users can see the vast scope of employment programs and services available and can use the information to make informed decisions when planning their training.  

To start, decide which of the following 5 categories is most appropriate for the services you are looking for 
1. Assessment and Goal Setting - general programs and services that will help you start your employment journey
2. Pre-Employment Preparation - programs and services that will help you gain basic employment skills so that you will be ready for employment
3. Access to Employment - programs and services that will help to find the right job
4. Post Employment Development - programs and services that will help you keep your employment and advance in your career 
5. Self Employmentprograms and services to help you start up and support your small business

Once you select one of the 5 categories - click on the + sign and a drop down menu will appear.  Choose the specific category you are interested in (a + beside a category indicates that there is another drop down menu for that category).
Once you make your final selection,  a list of agencies that provide those services will appear on the right hand side of the page.

Check out our Terms and Definitions if you need clarification of terms.

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