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A local business leader welcomes refugees with jobs, housing and a call to action: hiring refugees is an opportunity for everyone.  Jim Estill, the CEO of an appliance company is footing the bill to sponsor 50 Syrian refugee families to his home community of Guelph. 

By admin2 on Thursday, April 28, 2016
As 25,000 Syrian refugees live through the process of resettlement and beginning new lives in Canada, a Statistics Canada study published today reveals that the children of refugees who arrived in Canada between 1980 and 2000 are thriving.
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A group of predominantly immigrant workers who help unload produce and have set up a picket line outside Toronto's main food distribution facility are simply trying to receive the same compensation many of their more established counterparts receive, says their union representative.
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Zakaria Mohammed Mokdad was one of the first Syrian refugee claimants interviewed in Amman, Jordan, last October. He sold his fridge and dishwasher when he got word he was coming to Canada. That was months ago.

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CBC reports about a troubling aspect of the drive to bring Syrians to Canada: professional immigration consultants, in partnership with some refugee sponsorship groups, are charging refugees thousands of dollars in arrangements that critics say are unethical and violate federal rules of sponsorship. 
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Minister John McCallum says he has ordered a three-part investigation into the practice of immigration consultants charging Syrian refugees thousands of dollars to process applications and possibly violating federal rules on private sponsorship by asking them to pay resettlement costs that should be paid by their sponsors.
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Following two deaths, Ontario needs to reform how it handles immigration detainees in its jails, says Renu Mandhane, head of the Ontario Rights Commission.  Since 2000, 14 people have died while in immigration detention across Canada, according to the End Immigration Detention Network.

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Former mayor John Sewell addresses an angry crowd that packed Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields Church on Wednesday night.  It was a crowd of Type A personalities not used to being dismissed and they weren't impressed by Ottawa's slowdown on refugees.