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The "I am a Migrant" campaign asks immigrants from around the world to share their life stories in an effort to counter hate speech ahead of International Migrants Day.

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No one knows precisely how many school-aged children will be among the 25,000 refugees bound for Canada in the next few months, but given the government's focus on families, it's clear a large proportion will heading into Canadian schools. 

About 40 per cent of the youngsters are facing emotional issues, according to a recent survey by the aid group Save the Children. Teachers at schools operated by the agency say more than half the children are easily frightened, while 40 per cent were frequently unhappy.

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Recent attacks on Muslims and the pending influx of Syrian refugees point to the need for Ontario to create an anti-racism secretariat, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says.
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Sweeping new study of immigrant students around the world shows they do best in countries that bring them into regular classrooms as quickly as possible.
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There were overwhelming feelings of joy and relief at the community centre in North York as refugees were greeted by friends and family members, reunited in Toronto.
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“Today, the Government of Canada announced that it will not pursue its appeal in the case of The Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v. Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care et al.The case involves changes made in 2012 to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) for refugees, refugee claimants and claimants who were denied refugee status.
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Mississauga lawyer Elizabeth Jaszi was disbarred and ordered to pay $50,000 in costs to the Law Society for failing to help her Roma refugee clients (not filling out the forms, getting them translated, attending immigration hearings, etc) as well as for billing Legal Aid for about $1000 for services she never provided.

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Sponsorship agreement holders are typically faith-based, ethno-cultural or settlement organizations that agree to provide financial and settlement supports for at least a year to the refugees they sponsor.

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The front page of today's Toronto Star was an Open Welcome letter to the Syrian Refugees en route to Toronto.  "Ahlan wa sahlan"  You're with family now.

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The first wave of 150 Syrian refugees is expected to arrive in a Royal Canadian Air Force transport at Pearson on Thursday. Sources said on Tuesday the military jet will be bringing the newcomers from an airfield in Jordan.

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Six Toronto East End clinics are collaborating and expanding free Employment Law services to the working poor in the East End.

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Maher al Halabi emerged from his interview with the UNHCR last Saturday with the coveted “number one” in his hand, on a small piece of paper in bold black ink.

That “golden ticket” means he, his wife and two children, Ghassan, 7 and Mohammed, 18 months, made the cut. They will have a second interview Dec. 8 with Canadian officials, at the newly opened refugee processing centre outside Amman in Marka.

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Two and a half years ago, the Harper government changed the rules for employers trying to recruit foreign workers. The clampdown was not aimed at the arts world, but the result has been a nightmare for culture organizations trying to recruit the best possible leaders.

The absurd upshot: a stressful obstacle course and waiting game facing three of Toronto’s most important cultural organizations — the Royal Ontario Museum, Luminato and the Art Gallery of Ontario.